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Welcome to Limitless Albania!

We are a small, specialist registered company who offer a range of private, customized guided tours and services to meet all the specific needs and requirements of our clientele in our homeland, Albania.

Albania’s beauty is unmatched in Europe, but also it’s an incredibly attractive country, suited to more discerning travelers that are looking for a pleasant travel experience, off the beaten path.

A country with over 2500 of history, 316km of coastline, mountains, lakes, rolling hills, white sandy beaches, traditional villages, and the most incredibly blue water. It also enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate with long hot summers, and short mild winters, with snow in only the most mountainous places. Albania is also well known for its food; delicious sea food at the coast, fresh fish by the lakes, and only the best seasonal vegetables that are grown all year round. Visitors can enjoy all of this, in under three hours of flight time from any European capital.

Being Albanian ourselves, and knowing all the secret places and off-the-beaten-track gems, as well as being passionate about history and culture, we at Limitless Albania are perfectly positioned to be the perfect guides for anyone coming to visit, regardless of their tastes. Our focus is on creating unique, quality multi- day trips and working one-on-one with customers for a tailor-made itinerary.

We can provide hiking or off-road trips with camping in the mountains, luxury coastline retreats, family holidays, historical tours of castles and ruins, or just the best sights to see for groups, couples, or individuals- perfectly tailored to their requirements.


Our portfolio of tours has been developed on the basis of our deep local knowledge and the positive feedback we have received from our worldwide clientele. However, as all of our tours are custom built, you may wish to send us a list of locations and attractions that we can include in your personalized tour. Our priority is your safety, comfort and enjoyment, so let us take the stress out of planning your unique experience.


We have traveled all over the world–more than a hundred companies, and we were still unprepared for how SPECTACULAR Albania was. Imagine ancient ruins and castles, GORGEOUS natural wonders, and fresh, right of the ground fruits and vegetables. Fatmir was an IDEAL guide; personal, funny, punctual, and well-informed. We are DYING to get back to Albania to discover even more of this beautiful country. Limitless Albania completely customized our tour for us. We wanted to spend a few extra days by the sea, and they adjusted everything to make it work. We ended up REALLY liking certain regions for food, and he adapted. IDEAL host and guide.

Joshua Jay

I almost don’t want to tell everyone how wonderful Albania is, because I want to keep it as my own, wonderful hidden gem. But, it is TOO incredible not to share, and this company is the ONLY way I could ever imagine to see. Fatmir is incredible knowledgable about every inch of his country – there is nothing you can ask that he does not know the answer to. He is also incredibly passionate about his country, and his pride for his land, people, history, and culture is inspiring and contagious. Fatmir made me fall in love with Albania on day one of our week trip. He planned the entire custom schedule; listening to my request, advising, and giving his own expertise until we were happy with everything. We learned very quickly there is nothing he wouldn’t do for us, and that level of true concern and care for our happiness and enjoyment is rare. In one week he did done several five hour drives, early morning wake up calls, picked fresh fruit for us, arrived for our pickups an hour early so we would never be waiting on him, and had shared with us his most special corner of the world. He even brought us to his home village for a meal in his neighbor’s house (on our request!) Without him, our experience would have been lackluster, and our understanding of Albania incomplete. Limitless Albania provides an AUTHENTIC, incredible, one-of-a-kind travel experience. Don’t look any further – you have found the perfect guide in Fatmir.

Anna Kloots


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