Albania is the undiscovered paradise in Europe. From the pristine beaches to the crisp mountain adventures, Albania is more beautiful, less crowded, and way, way less expensive than any other destination in Europe.

Limitless Albania is acknowledged as the highest quality tour company in the region. With years of experience and the highest ratings across every internet platform, Limitless Albania is where your perfect trip begins.

Why Limitless Albania?

Limitless Albania was founded five years ago with the belief that we could offer imaginative and unique travel experiences.

Our philosophy is to offer tailor-made trips for each client. We use our experience and knowledge to seek out the best that the Albania has to offer – the best places to stay, the best experiences, and the best routes. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Each of our travel itineraries is a balance of history, culture, and adventure. We believe that traveling in Albania should be exciting, intriguing, rejuvenating and memorable. As a largely overlooked and under-explored location, Albanian treasures can be visited only with our tour guide’s help, that’s why we’ve created a company staffed by the most knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic tour guides available.

While many travel companies like to promote low prices, we believe that value for money is more important. This translates into charging a fair price for your trip – whether staying in simple Guest Houses or luxurious Hotels – and not compromising on quality. We want you to travel with us again and know that you will not do this if you feel that you paid too much for your arrangements.

Why Albania?

Located in the Mediterranean sea, nature has blessed Albania with mild climate, diverse terrain, crystal-clear waters and stunning mountains, offering you a travel sensation in every season of the year.

As one of the oldest inhabitated countries of Europe, rooted on the crossroads between Europe and Asia, our country has inherited Illyrian, Hellenic, Roman, Venetian, Ottoman culture, giving you a sample of all Europe.

Albania has suffered a terrible, isolating communist regime, so it is not often thought-of as an accessible place. But it is ENTIRELY safe, and you’ll find that you might be the only one on a mountain, or the only visitor to a 2500-year old archaeological site.

Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe, which means that the prices are also the lowest in region, allowing you to eat, drink and lodge at the best prices and at the best places. Albanian hospitality has roots in Albanian tradition where the guest is considered sacred to the extent that there is an expression that “the house belongs only to the guest and god.” This is the reason we are cooperating with the best guesthouses and restaurants, to give you the feeling of being pampered and cared for.

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