Are you curious to know Albania?Albanians are the descendants of Illyrian tribe, one of the oldest populations of Europe. Also our language is unique and it is thought that is a derivation of the Pelasgian language which is the oldest spoken language in the continent. What is still preserved by the Illyrian heritage? How could the Albanian language survive the centuries and the influence of Hellenistic, Roman and Ottoman cultures?
What about the traditions of the population? In this tour we will learn about the authentic Albanian culture which is the routine of the simple albanian people.
It is reflected on the relationship between people, hospitality as a basic code in the code of conduct. Also in relationship with nature and animals. We will visit archaeological parks, castles and ancient and medieval ruins. They are the only witnesses of a period where there was no
writing and reading and the history was transmitted generation after generation through legends and folk songs such as iso-polyphony, part of UNESCO since 2010.

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