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Project Description

Tailor-made Tour in Albania

We at Limitless Albania are proud to offer our guests memorable experiences in our homeland.

Make your travels easy, fun and stress-free with our tailor-made private tours. We prefer working one-on-one with individuals or small groups to come up with the perfect trip suited for your specific needs.

Rather than providing the typical tourist experience, our Private tours offer you the flexibility to design your own trip exactly how you like it. Yes, this will cost a tad more than if you were to join a bus filled to the brim with weary tourists, but we promise you it will be worth it!

Always happy to go the extra mile,​ Fatmir and Gesi are proud to show you the place they call home.

You can decide how and when to travel, the level of service and the hotel standard. Pack in as many activities and locations as possible; or incorporate some relaxation and free time to explore on your own terms. With all that choice it can seem overwhelming; but we have plenty of experience showing people different sides of Albania. Those looking for culture and history, those looking for adventure, those looking for food and those looking for a mix of all of it!

Beside our very own English speaking tour-guides, Fatmir and Gesi; we have a network of professional German, Italian and French speaking tour-guides. We aim to welcome everyone in our country.

When it comes to the Balkans our guides and drivers have done it all. Beside Albania and Kosovo; we can expand your trip as far as Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Sarajevo, Skopje etc.

Get some inspiration by these successful cultural tours we have offered groups in the past and let us come up with a unique Tailor-made trip for you. Whether you already have an itinerary planned or if you are starting from scratch!

Please use this contact form and provide us with all the information we need from you. Please include your pick-up address, number of people, date and any special requirements.