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Project Description

Walking and Trekking Holidays in Albania

  • knowledgeable local guide

  • customisable

  • authentic travel experience

Tour Description

One of the least-known corners of Europe, Albania has a fascinating wild nature and some dramatic mountain scenery. Being native Albanian and knowing our country intimately, we at Limitless Albania will take you to places that hardly ever see a foreigner, where time seems to have stood still.

Our private-guided walking holidays offer an individual experience, together with flexibility to suit your travel plans.

We can organize a collection of exceptional walking routes and trekking trails that are well known like Accursed Mountains which are unspoiled and virtually impenetrable, except for a series of high passes that link the few farmsteads of the exceptionally friendly Albanian Highlanders to the outside world, Coastal Walks of Albanian Riviera where there’s no better way to enjoy scenic coastlines than to walk along them! or Trekking in the Crossroads of Antiquity in the steps of Norman invasions in the south of Albania, Short Breaks Walking Tours for those who enjoy walking, but are short of time, our short breaks offer a chance to visit some of the most scenic walking trails in the highlands of Tirana,

Walking Tours in Albania can be just for you and your partner, friends or family, or perhaps a group from your local walking club. Just pick the dates and destination, and we’ll do the rest!

Tour Information

Daily Rate:

  • Prices from €230 per day.

Maximum group size:

  • Our regular vehicle can comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests. If you’re group is larger, simply get in touch to discuss pricing and itineraries.


  • Pick up and drop off from Tirana International Airport • All transport • Free admission to selected attractions • Your knowledgeable guide Fatmir or Gesi.

Not included:

  • Accommodation • Meals (we are happy give our suggestions as we have a great network of hotels, restaurants etc.)

Please bring:

  • Trekking equipment.

Don’t forget…

All our tours are private and can be adapted to your wishes. Simply get in touch to arrange your dream itinerary.

Trekking in the Accursed Mountains – Suggested Itinerary

This walking holiday to the wild north of Albania is probably one of the last great European adventures.

You’ll discover the remote of Valbona Valley National park and Theth National Park and meet people who live in a world which is refreshingly disconnected from the rest of Europe.

The Accursed Mountains are spectacular, unspoiled and virtually impenetrable, except for a series of high passes that link the few farmsteads of the exceptionally friendly Albanian Highlanders to the outside world.

This is a truly special European trekking adventure, ideal for the discerning traveler and those seeing a destination that is refreshingly different. A 8 days adventure combining trekking and local living experience that’s why accommodation usually takes place in the homes of the Albanian highlanders, the “Malësorë”, located in small, picturesque villages surrounded by imposing mountains or family-run hotels. This tour is becoming our best seller for 2019. You can enjoy this beautiful scenic walk in the Accursed Mountains either as a private tour, solo or with your friends and family.

Day 1 – Arrival in Tirana Airport-Transfer to Shkodra

  • On arrival at Tirana, meet at the airport for your transfer to Shkodër, the oldest and largest city in northern Albania. Visit the ruins of Rozafa Castle, which is perched strategically on top of a hill just outside of Shkodër. Late afternoon will be spent exploring the town on foot.

Day 2 – Lake Koman & trek through Valbona

  • Take the ferry boat service from Fierza for a stunning journey across Lake Koman, surrounded by steep-sided mountains. Afternoon walk through woods to the meadows of Grykat e Hapta and enjoy the stunning views of Valbona’s jagged peaks.

Day 3 – Trek across the eastern Albanian Alps

  • A dramatic hike across the eastern Albanian Alps. Follow the sheep trails from Valbona to Kukaj (1,150 metres), and an optional walk up to the border of Montenegro (2,000 metres).

Day 4 – Trek to Thethi across Valbona Pass

  • Walk a dramatic trail over the Valbona Pass (1,840 metres) for fantastic views of the Radohima Mountains and, once again, impressive views of Jezerce massive. Descend across the steeply angled scree slopes to the meadows and beech forests to Thethi (800 metres).

Day 5 – Trek the Accursed Mountains to Peja Pass

  • Remain in the Theth National Park and follow a trail to make the challenging ascent to the Peja Pass (1,730 metres), beneath the striking Mount Arapit. From the pass there are fine views across the entire Thethi valley, as well as to the peaks that lie within Montenegro. Descend back to Thethi.

Day 6 – Trek to Nderlysa & visit the Blood Feud Tower

  • Trek to the hamlet of Nderlysa (550 metres) and visit the Blood Feud Tower. Comtinue to the waterfall at Thethi and follow the trail along the River Shala to reach our destination – Nderlysa.

Day 7 – Diagonal Pass & Thore Pass; afternoon drive to Tirana

  • Today starts with a long steady ascent to the stunning Diagonal Pass and then a hike to Thore Pass. In the afternoon drive to Tirana, one of the most dynamic cities in the Balkans, and enjoy a celebratory meal in a traditional restaurant.

Day 8 – Departure Day

  • Depart Tirana at your leisure for your flight back home.