Berat Day Trip

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Did you know that Berat is one of the 10 oldest cities constantly inhabited in the world?

Join us for a day tour to explore this magnificent Unesco Heritage city.


  • Berat Castle (VI cent. BC)
  • National Iconographic Museum
  • National Ethnographic Museum
  • Mangalem Quarter
  • Food and wine tasting at Cobo Winery

Berat, city, southern Albania. It lies along the Osum River, just west of Tomorr Peak. The town is situated among steep hills cut through by the Osum. The terraced houses and several mosques and churches are surmounted by the ruins of a citadel.

Located strategically between the ancient regions of Illyria and Epirus, Berat was the scene of many battles. Probably the site of the ancient Greek town Antipatreia (Byzantine Pulcheriopolis), the city was rebuilt in the 13th century and renamed Beligrad (from which the name Berat derives) in the 14th century by the Serbs.

It was refortified by Mehmed Emin Âli Paşa, the Turkish grand vizier, in the 19th century. A Turkish bridge (1780) connects the west-bank Christian quarter of Goritsa (Old Slavonic: “Little Village”) with the east-bank Muslim quarter of Moré-Tchélépi. Berat’s historic center, a rare example of an Ottoman-era town, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008.

In the late 19th century, as the capital of southern Albania, Berat served as the center of the Albanian nationalist movement and a major base of support for the Albanian League. It was in Berat, in 1944, that the communist-controlled Anti-Fascist National Liberation Council proclaimed itself as the provisional government of the country.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION 9:00 AM at Scanderbeg Square (center of Tirana)
Comfortable transport All the museum entry fees
professional English speaking local guide throughout the tour Local Experience
Wine Tasting (to include please pay 15€) Drinks Lunch (to include 10€)

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