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  • 7 villages in Albanian Riviera you’ll fall in love with

    When you hear Riviera, the first thing comes in our minds is probably the French one. But in the south of Albania there is another seaside all way more beautiful, scenic and virgin than other Mediterranean shores. The Albanian Riviera is a place where the [...]

  • Bazzar Pass Gjirokaster

    Gjirokaster, Albania – A museum town

    Gjirokastra The austere and beautiful town of Gjirokastra began to spread  downhill from its castle in the 13th century. The castle still broods on its hill, overlooking the whole city and the river valley below. From that vantage point, the grey stone of houses below [...]

  • Ferry trip in Komani Lake Albania

    Ten Photos to Inspire You to Travel To Albania

    Europe is my continent. I’ve known it from the moment I stepped foot in French soil ten years ago. I thrive here. They get me. And I get them. The typical things that mystify, irritates, and confuse most visitors are clever, amusing and logical to [...]

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