about limitless


Limitless Albania is a small, registered tour-operator based in Tirana, Albania’s capital city. We aim to provide authentic experiences of Albania for small groups, families or solo-travellers, tailored to individual interests and budgets and delivered with unrivalled professionalism, enthusiasm and high levels of customer care and service.

Customisation with a personal touch lies at the heart of the Limitless Albania concept. Rather than visitors having to organise themselves around pre-scheduled departures and set tour itineraries as is so often the norm – often in big tour groups and buses – we believe the interests of visitors are best served the other way round, with tour itineraries and departures organised and created around the specific interests and requirements of visitors, and in close collaboration with them, so that every person is able to get the most from their visit to Albania within the time they have available.

With this aim in mind, we have built a team of local enthusiasts dedicated to seeking out and show-casing the very best that Albania has to offer throughout the year and whatever the season. Our many satisfied clients are testament to the value of our approach and we are proud to have created a new standard of indoor/outdoor experiences in our country.

Aiming always to exceed expectations, we pride ourselves on our highly personalised and friendly service, our professionalism and unrivalled attention to detail, and our ability to cater to and accommodate even the most obscure or last-minute requests or changes.

about limitless albania


Basically, our pride in Albania – an undiscovered gem which, after decades of isolation under communism, is just beginning to establish itself as a tourist destination.

From the spectacular, rugged Alps of the North to the stunning coastline of the Riviera in the south, Albania is a land of contrasts steeped in a rich and varied history and multi-faceted cultural tradition. Beautiful, surprising and diverse, it confounds expectations on every level.

As yet free from the mass tourism, commercialisation and over-development that characterise so many tourist destinations around the world, any trip to Albania provides visitors with the opportunity to experience a fascinatingly diverse culture and way of life, as well as enjoy the pristine landscapes and open-hearted hospitality that characterise this little-known and intriguing country.

After a turbulent twentieth century, the future for Albania now looks bright and Albanians are keen to embrace the new possibilities and opportunities that are opening up. We are pleased to be one of the first travel operators introducing tourists from around the world to the wealth of experiences and activities available in Albania. We love our country; we hope to convey and inspire that passion in you too.

Our Service Delivers:

· The highest levels of customer-service, care and trust in the Balkans
· A wide choice of tour options and activities
· Tourism options throughout the year and in every season
· An ever-expanding range of tailor-made tours and activities
· The potential to explore further afield, beyond the borders of Albania into the wider Balkan territories

About Albania

Albania is a land of contrasts, with 316km of coastline; endless beaches lapped by the vivid blue waters of the Ionian and Aegean seas; rugged mountain ranges; picturesque valleys; a vast network of lakes, wetlands and pristine national parks; cascading waterfalls; dramatic canyons; rolling hills; and lush, fertile plains. The country also enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and short, mild winters, with snow settling only in the most mountainous regions.

Caught in the crossroads of competing civilizations and power-struggles, Albania has an enviable cultural and historical pedigree: Its complex and fascinating history can be traced back 2,500 years, the many historical and archaeological sites found within its borders a legacy of the ancient civilizations that inhabited this land, from the Illyrian to the Roman, Byzantine, Thracian, Venetian, Greek and Ottoman empires, for all of whom, Albania’s geographic position, favorable climate and richly fertile lands made it an important and strategic addition to their empires.

Albania is known for its delicious food and varied regional cuisines. You can feast on incredible fresh seafood on the coast, as well as delicious and authentic Italian and Greek dishes (their presence on menus the result of Albania’s proximity to these countries). Fresh fish is a specialty by the lakes, while succulent lamb dishes flavored with wild herbs are popular in mountain areas. Albania produces its own fruit and vegetables throughout the year so visitors can be assured they are eating only the freshest, tastiest, most locally-grown and seasonal vegetables at any time of year.

Limitless Albania Advantages:

  • Personalised service
  • A proven track-record of 100% reliability
  • Best prices
  • High-quality service
  • 24-hour guide and support
  • Tours for every type of traveller and budget
  • Tours throughout the year and in all seasons
  • Long experience
  • Local, insider knowledge
  • Unexpected, hidden gems
  • Interaction with local, regional culture
  • Safe, reliable service
  • Stress-free experience
  • Unique adventures
  • Private operators
  • Promoters of sustainable tourism
  • Genuine, collaborative partnerships (guests, guides, hotels, transport etc)
  • Exciting activities in nature with experienced, knowledgeable guides

Our Family Story

Limitless Albania was created by brothers Fatmir and Gesi Aliko.
Born in a village close to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Gjirokaster, Fatmir and Gesi gained experience working as tourist guides from a young age. Fatmir started guiding foreign visitors to the city after his first English lessons, enjoying introducing them to the unique culture and history of his home town. A seed was sown: Realising his passion lay in show-casing his country and its traditions, Fatmir studied Tourism Management at university in Tirana, laying down the foundations for Limitless Albania. Gesi, the youngest brother of the family, also studied Tourism Management in Tirana, working as a guide for other companies before joining forces with Fatmir to launch Limitless Albania.
We believe our detailed, personalised, knowledgeable service and ethos of responsible, sustainable tourism make Limitless Albania the best tour operator in Albania.
Creating tailor-made itineraries that delight our visitors is incredibly rewarding for us and something we find endlessly stimulating and challenging in the best of ways. The chance to get to know our clients and witness their enjoyment and surprise at the unexpected beauty and variety of Albania is something we could never tire of. We really care that you have a good time; we focus our efforts on making that happen.

Our Core Values

Our Guides & Hosts

fatmir travel consultant
Co-founder & Trip Designer
Founded Limitless Albania with the willingness to bring a new concept in the tourism services and design authentic experiences for the most discerning travelers.
gesi driver guide
Co-founder & Driver Guide
The youngest brother of the family knows literally every corner of the Balkan countries and his passion for the country can enthuse even the most jaded traveler!
fjona dhembo
Co-founder & Office Manager
With a background in marketing and design, Fjona juggles all our marketing and website development needs while also building up partnerships with our local service-providers
adenis vallbona guide
Valbona Valley Guide
Adenis knows the National Park better than anyone so he’s the only one who will take you in places you would barely find with a local guide.
fatjon cycling guide
Cycling Guide
The 2018th MTB Albania Champion knows the terrain and is very happy to go extra mile to show you the very best places to experience on the saddle.
saimir alps guide
Albanian Alps Guide
If you are a courageous tourist, he is happy to lead you to the hardest trails of the Albanian Alps and introduce you the legends of “blood feud”.
niko outdoor guide
Outdoor Guide
A licensed and very good driver he is happy to take our guests to the very best places to visit in our country.
foni llogara park guide
Llogara National Park Guide
Foni used to work as a shepherd. His knowledge of the terrain put him into the guidance of tourist who visit his homelands.