Albania Roman Ruins

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apollonia archeological park

If you are planning to visit historical places, put Albania the first country of your list. The antiquity of Greek and Roman Ruins indicates the beginning of early civilization in this blessed country in the Western Balkans. The intersection of Roman Ruins and nature creates a fascinating landscape in which you experience both the present and the past.
Some of the historical treasures preserved by Albania’s ancient architecture are Berat Castle, Apollonia Archeological Park, Orik Archeological Park, Butrint, Roman Amphitheater of Durres, Antigone, Adrianopol and Bashtova Fortress.

Berat Castle

Berat Castle is the first on the list for its peculiarity as in construction and the way it extends and adapts to the present inhabitants. The cobbled streets of the Eastern Orthodox Church take you back in time. You may feel like you are living in the past and at the same time not disconnected from reality.
You will be enjoying traditional food and drinking wine made from the typical grape varieties of the local area. From Berat Castle, you can see the whole old and new city and then we let you decide when to leave. We promise you can’t easily escape this panorama.

Apollonia Archeological Park

One of the most important cities of Illyrian antiquity is the city of Apollonia. Situated near the town of Fier and traversed by the Vjosa River, the sights of Apollonia are not only of architectural value but also of natural value. The ruins of the buildings are very close to the southern coast, giving you quick access to the fairy-tale views of the blue beach and the fresh seafood.

Orik Archeological Park

One of the most popular tourist destinations around the world is Orik Archeological Park. In it naturally blends the sea, mountain, culture, and history. It is talked so much about Orik Park and its importance during the Caesar war in Pompeii in 49-48 BC. The awakening of your curiosity will be extinguished as you savor the history of ruins on the shore of this tourist village of Vlora.


The largest archaeological park in Balkans lies in the South of Albania. This UNESCO gem was inhabited since prehistoric times and is considered one of the most important sites in Albania. Butrint is not only known for its natural and cultural values, but also for a considerable history. Everything you may read on the internet will not come close to what this park of Albanian Roman Ruins has to offer from the first steps in the entry to the amazing view up on the hill overlooking the Vivari Channel. Roman

Amphitheater of Durres

As we have always said to our travelers, you will never forget about this country after visiting Albania Roman Ruins. We would never let you go without passing at the largest amphitheater ever built in Balkan Peninsula, just in the center of Durres city. Roman Amphitheater of Durres is a treasure we have inherited from ancient civilization with its architectural values and diversity of rare mosaics and paintings. This is one of the best historical destinations of the country also well known for its strong construction which passed two powerful earthquakes in history with just some damages.
Inside the amphitheater, there are galleries at different levels that serve as a museum to exhibit various works with high cultural values.


Hitting the roads of the South of Albania will get you through nice views and great history. What you may not know without our little help is that just near the city of Gjirokstra lies Antigone, a National Archaeological Park of Roman Ruins.
Antigone’s most impressive characteristic is its walls which once completely encircled the hill. Its architectural special feature, except its walls, is also an entire ancient street passing through the city center.
If you are fond of culinary we have great news: “Antigone Annual Culinary Exhibition”. In this ruins, once a year is organized an exhibition showcasing traditional dishes all made of local organic produce.


Build during the Roman Empire, Adrianopol is one of the best Roman Ruins which history passionate have to visit once in their life. This touristic site is one of the most important archaeological discoveries of Albania Roman Ruins found in Drino Valley.
Adrianople is a typical Roman city with theater, stairs and small walls, all surrounded by greenery which adds natural values to this well planned architectural construction.

Bashtova Fortress

If you are passionate about history, archaeological parks, and roman ruins, Albania is a great destination to live the past in the know. Limitless Albania plans a detailed personalized tour from north to south with all the listed Albania Roman Ruins. When are you planning your visit? Send us your request and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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