Albania: The safest destination to travel in 2021

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When it comes to offering travellers safety and an outstanding time, Albania is definitely the right destination to choose during this pandemic time. Placing a high importance into the protection of our tourists, Limitless Albania has made safety and peace of mind a top priority. 

As borders are being reopened and vaccines distribution is continuing on satisfying numbers, our country is hand-fully welcoming everyone that is eager to be part of an amazing experience. 

It could be said that Albania is one of those potential countries that is reported to have been handling relatively well the COVID-19 pandemic situation during this last year. 

What makes it a safe country to visit? 

With not many restrictions involved, you can consider Albania as the perfect cultural hub to be explored. For those seeking a safe destination but that have currently put their travelling plans on hold, time to start planning a trip to Albania.

Consult our company and discover the best Instagrammable spots, the most beautiful beaches, best things to do with children and nature wonders of this paradise destination.

With its marvellous surroundings waiting to be explored, our country will continue to be a cool hotspot for nature and history lovers. 

The Perfect Spring Destination 

After the gloomy winter, spring has officially sprung in Albanian landscapes. Seeking adventure or some warm sunshine on your face? Combine a calm stay in Mediterranean coast with some adventurous hiking in Albanian Alps and you will fully experience springtime. 

Floating down in Albania’s peaceful waters, our company makes sure to provide you with the most scenic beauty spots. There’s no better way to combine fresh air and sunshine. 

Leaving no stone unturned under the guidance of Limitless Albania, will definitely result in a trip full of surprises. 

Hitting the trails in Albania 

This small country in the Balkans Peninsula abounds with various hiking adventures. Take your time on the way up, because you’re going to want to stop and enjoy the view at plenty of places along the way.

Whether you are looking for an intense adventure filled with adrenaline, or just leisurely strolls across the country’s most promising destinations, we are here to help you. 

What Albania offers is all things to all types of outdoor lovers. Hit the endless supply of hiking trails that lead to peaks, streams and falls in the surrounding hills.

Get ready to embrace all that this wild and wonderful place has to offer; a paradise of unspoiled beaches, sparkling seascapes. A perfect spring and summer retreat filled with sandy beaches and crashing waves. Not letting alone the atmospheric scenes of sunsets painted with a peachy-pink glow. 

Standing on the shore absorbing the sun while the balmy breezes blow in the Ionian sea, is just about as good as it gets. After you hit the beach, we could provide you with a guided tour in the unique and historic Southern coast.  Are you ready to simply sit on the shore while you watch your worries slip away into the water?

Inspired? We’ll help you to tailor your memorable experience in our Homeland, Albania.
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