The 7 most recommended villages to visit in Albania according to our local guide, Gesi!

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The world is changing every day and big cities tend to resemble to each other in terms of
infrastructure and facilities. Development is much needed, but on the other hand, globalization
is a “threat” to the authenticity and diversity of local culture.
During the recent years, Albania is faced with a growth in number of tourists and there is a
tendency of visiting some of the most known destinations of the country.
We, as local guides, are eager to add to your list of top places to visit in Albania, some villages
as well, which go beyond Tirana and international journals’ suggestions. And here’s why:

We desire to suggest something different and unique, with all the knowledges of a local guides. Something more authentic, hard to find on the internet.

Most importantly, we crave promoting the local culture, the lost monuments,
communities and humanistic stories, which are impossible to be found on the scope of the
internet. With a sustainable tourism, in this way, we are able to help the local economy,
as well.

Following, there’s a list of 7 villages that Gesi suggests visiting:

Old Qeparo
Placed on the heart of the Albanian Riviera, with a typical authentic architecture, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, old Orthdox churches and a wonderful view over Ionian Sea.

old house qeparo

Labovë e Kryqit, Gjirokastra.
Placed in Gjirokastër County, Southern Albania, Labova e Kryqit is known for The Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos (Saint Mary Church). Classified as one of the most representative examples of Byzantine architecture in Albania, we highly recommend visiting it.

labova kryqit church3

Roshnik, Berat.
Standing on the top of our favorite villages, with its heavenly Bogova Waterfall, known as one of the most beautiful natural parks of Berat, Roshnik is the perfect village for a tour, accompanied by some wine tasting.

red wine tour roshnik berat

Voskopoja, Korça.
Quite near Korça, surrounded by hills and forests, it remains one of the most known spots for winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding. Combined with the traditional cuisine of the region and cultural heritage of 17-18 th century, this place will make your stay unforgettable.

Shëngjergj, Tirana.
Found among the outskirts of Tirana, a natural wonder enjoyed by the visitors and locals, too.
With its magical Waterfall, it is classified as an oasis of peace and magic. The perfect spot for a hot summer day in Albania.


Curraj i Epërm, Tropojë.
Placed in the midst of the Albanian Alps, it is the untouched treasure of the North, hidden among mountains and forests. We call it an adventurer’s dream. A return to the innocence, undoubtedly overwhelming you.

© Filip Veškrna

Villages of the Upper Valley of Devolli River ( Arzë, Sinicë, Nikolicë, Dardhë).
A very little known destination in the southern part of the country this valley is a must visit destination in Albania. Small villages appear out of the forest when driving upper in the mountains. Old mansions covered with rocky rooftops, old Orthodox churches full of history and
the most special hospitality you will ever have by the local people.

dardhe national park

*All of which, thanks to our co-founder’s personal suggestions, Gesi, with an experience of 5 years in guiding for Limitless Albania.

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