This tour is the best way to get to know the North of Albania, the wild nature of the Alps and the hospitality of the local people. The itinerary starts with the transferring in Valbona Valley National Park via Koman Lake and each day is easy to moderate hiking trails, 4-6h walking distance every day, guided by an English speaking mountain guide, native of Alps area. The accommodation is made in guesthouses in Valbona Valley National Park and Theth National Park. Except for outdoor activities in this tour, you will know more about folklore heritage and the legends of blood-feud that used to rule these people during the history

Best for:
Small groups or families looking for a friendly outdoor activity in the Albanian Alps.
  • 7-nights accommodation at boutique hotels or guesthouses. Breakfasts included.
  • All transport and transfers, including the ferry transfer at Koman Lake.
  • English speaking mountain guide, natives of the Albanian Alps.
  • Luggage transport by horse during the trek Valbona-Theth
  • Local taxes and fees.
Day 1Tirana International Airport- Shkoder

Overnight at the historical town.

Meet our representative at Tirana International Airport. Transfer to northern town Shkodra (approx. 2h drive). If time allows we can visit the Rozafa Castle. Dinner and overnight at a boutique hotel in Shkoder.

shkoder castle
Day 2Koman Lake to Valbona Valley National Park

A fairy tale journey to the Alps

Start from Shkodra early in the morning and drive to Koman Lake(approx. 1.5 drive). Take an epic ferry trip through Koman Lake (approx 2.5 h) Continue the drive to Valbona Valle National Park. Accommodate at the guesthouse. Explore the village by the afternoon. Dinner and overnight at the guesthouse in Valbona.

koman lake
Day 3Rosi Peak

Trek the Eastern Albanian Alps

Start from Valbona village 950m/alt and trek the sheep trail Rosi Peak 2525m/alt. at the Eastern Albanian Alps, border to Montenegro. The total hike is 17km with an elevation gain of 1600m. Depending on your physical condition we can adjust the itinerary. Dinner and overnight in Valbona.

Rosi peak
Day 4Valbona to Theth National Park

Trek the Valbona Pass

The trail from Valbona to Theth goes through the antique trail that has always connected these two villages, nowadays one of the most popular trails of the Albanian Alps. The trek starts from the Rrogam village at 1000m/alt. ascending to Valbona Pass 1840m/alt where you can enjoy the view of both national parks and the Jezerca massive(the highest peak of the Alps). Start descending to Theth village 800m/alt. The total hike is 12km (approx 6hours walking). Dinner and overnight at the guesthouse in Theth.

theth view
Day 5Theth National Park

Explore the natural wanders

Enjoy the breakfast at the guesthouse then start the trek from Theth Church to Grunas Waterfall then to Nderlysa (7km approx, 2h walking). Another must-visit attraction is the Blue Eye natural pool (6.4 km approx 2 h walking round trip). On the way back to the guesthouse we will arrange transport by car. Dinner and overnight in Theth.

theth blue eye
Day 6Denelli Plateau

Trek to the shepherds grazing lands

This is one of the most special trails within the Theth National Park. The trail starts at the center of the village, near the church and lasts 6km(each way) to Fusha e Denellit 1620m(elevation gain 860m). This location has always been used by the local shepherds during summer for grazing and it’s a good way to learn about the local living and tradition of this semi-nomadic shepherds. We’ll follow the same trail back to the hotel in Theth village.

Denelli plateau
Day 7Transfer to Tirana

Trek the "Miss Durham" trail

Farewell to the locals at the guesthouse and trek the Diagonal Pass to Thore Pass. The total trek is 7km with an elevation gain of 1000m. We can adjust the itinerary depending on your physical condition. Transfer to Tirana by car approx. 3.5 h drive. Dinner and overnight at a boutique hotel in central Tirana.

Diagonal pass
Day 8Tirana International Airport

Farewell and departure

Transfer to Tirana International Airport for your scheduled flight back home.

Need to Know

– Accommodation takes place at local guesthouses in Valbona and Theth. Guesthouses are equipped with all necessary facilities, private rooms with bathrooms, shower, hot water, wifi, etc. The guesthouses have also a restaurant, you can enjoy traditional food cooked by the family members.
– During the trek, you can have prepared lunch packs, while water you can refill at the natural springs on the trail.
– During the trek, you will carry only your personal backpack while during the long treks(Valbona to Theth) luggage will be transported by horses.
– All our services are personalized, meaning that the itineraries are adjustable depending on the physical shape.
– You will be guided by local guides, born and bred in the national park and know the terrain better than anyone.