What to do in Albania in spring time?

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ruins at butrint

What to do in Albania in spring time?

10 days itinerary suggested by locals

Spring is always the best time to travel, especially in the Mediterranean. Nature is blossoming, the weather is enjoyable and life is cheerful.

The best way to make the most of a trip in Albania during spring is a multi day trip around the country.

A perfect start to a 10 days trip is Tirana. With the clear sky of the spring and the tree blossom, capital Tirana is a vital city. You can explore some communist history and enjoy the urban life with good restaurants and atmosphere.

Visit Shkodra, the northernmost city of Albania. Rozafa Castle and Marubi Museum of Photography tell much about this historical town. A fantastic destination to spend the evening is a countryside farm at the hills of Fishta village in south of Shkoder. You can enjoy some wine and food from farm to table.

the legend of rozafa castle in shkodra

The ferry to Valbona through Komani Lake in this period is unforgettable experience. A 3 hours sailing through the wild mountains in the riverbed. Valbona Valley itself is also an unusual experience. The village is at the level of 850 m and the Valley is surrounded by Alps with peaks more than 2300 m, covered by snow.

koman lake

In return to Albania the locals use the cross borders to Kosovo. It’s only 45 minutes away while it’s worth of visit the historical towns of Prizren and Gjakova. A night at seaside city of Duress would be delightful. Fish restaurant are the speciality of this town.


Berat, the 2400 years old town must be on the visitor itinerary. The medieval center at the citadel takes you back in time with the narrow cobblestone paths and Eastern Orthodox churches.

Berat countryside is a great choice to enjoy the nature and the food of village. This area is also known for their special wine from grape variety only grown here. Roasted lamb and garden vegetables are savory.

entrance to the kala in berat albania

Apollonia, the Greek-Roman ruins, 10 km from Fier are a must visit. The city used to thrive on a gentle hill upon to the Adriatik since 6th century B.C. Vlora, the seaside town of South Albania is a great place to overnight, and a good place to eat seafood at fishermen restaurants.


Albanian Riviera is the most beautiful riviera on the Mediterranean. The old villages thrive on the slopes of the hills over the Ionian Sea. Even though during summer it’s one of the most visited places, during Spring you can have all the Beach by yourself.

albanian riviera

Butrint Archaeologic Site is protected by UNESCO since 1992 and is the most visited attraction of Albania. What that used to be a metropolitan city in the antiquity now is a jungle of ruins taking you to the Classical Times. Ksamil Islands is a perfect location to enjoy a lunch with a view.

ruins at butrint

Gjirokaster is part of UNESCO since 2005, the medieval town is famous for its fortress, Ottoman architecture houses and artisan shops. Also Gjirokaster countryside is a memorable experience during spring, the valley of Drino River looks like a sea of flowers.

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